About Doc Adams Wines

Doc Adams is a  winery based in McLaren Vale, South Australia which produces world class wines on all stages. Doc Adams has been producing premium quality wines, from South Australia's famous wine-growing region of McLaren Vale, since 2005. The beginnings for Doc Adams came about from incredible adversity in the supply/demand situation in the Australian Wine Industry of the early 2000's, and consequently incredible opportunities have arisen and continue to arise within.

Giving full credit to the talent & flair of McLaren Vale's impressive grape vines, Viticulturist & Winemaker Adam Jacobs believes in minimal intervention in the handling of our ultra premium fruit, because sensational grapes make sensational wine. Doc Adams fruit is sourced widely from the McLaren Vale region, scoping from the sea breezed vineyards of Sellicks Hill, to Willunga, central McLaren Vale town all the way through to scenic Blewitt Springs. This diversification of varied geological sites makes for fabulous combinations of grape flavours.

Doc Adams portfolio of wines has grown over the years, with consistent wine-making values being rich, fruit driven wines. Our 'white label' wines showcase all that is good about McLaren Vale. Single varieties, which speak for themselves in full, rich flavours. Complex flavours, yet incredibly easy drinking.

Our 'Black label' wines, our premium range, take these flavours to the next level. And with the addition of our '1838 - First Vines' Shiraz, which takes fruit from vines over 100 years old, there is certainly a wine for everyone!

The image on our labels is a 1733 image by William Hogarth, A Midnight Modern Conversation, which depicts well-respected business men indulging in some fun and frivolity. Viticulturist & Winemaker Adam Jacobs is a true believer in the motto: 'Work Hard, Play Hard', hand crafting premium wines is our first priority, then comes the fun...!

 Founded in 2005, by Dr Darren Waters (Doc) and Viticulturist, Adam Jacobs (Adam) established Doc Adams Wines. Their mission was simple:

"To select the best red wine varieties from McLaren Vale, South Australia and to source other white wine varieties from other cool climate regions in order to produce the best possible wines for its range.”

The talented team of Doc Adams Wines, led by viticulturist Adam Jacobs is dedicated to showcasing the best of McLaren Vale grape growing and winemaking.  Graduating from Charles Sturt University in Viticulture at Wagga Wagga, NSW, Adam's business concepts from grape to glass are huge assets for the Doc Adams Wine company.

Adam and Darren enjoying a lighter moment in the vineyard during pruning



The Doc Adams Team

Adam Jacobs 

Managing Director 

A.D.App.Sc. (Viticulture)



Anita Bailetti 

General Manager 

CA BComm BMgmt




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